About The Screenery

The Screenery has been a fulfilling creative journey, borne from a love of bright, bold popping colours that evoke happiness.. and a cheeky pun or two for good measure.

Drawing upon inspirational pop art, street art and photography and in a full-time job on the sidelines of the creative process, screen printing has become the creative outlet I never knew I needed.

In a 'something for me' moment I enrolled in a 3 hour workshop at Little Lane Workshops (big love!!) and discovered a new passion for screen printing, creating my very first linen tea towel.

My first screen printed design - 'Poppies'

I bought a small screen, a starter kit with eco-friendly inks and a squeegee - then started hand drawing and cutting stencils and screen printing fun colourful designs. I soon ended up with so many tea towels, that The Screenery came to life!

The manual nature of the screen printing process is incredibly creative, time-consuming, simple, aannnnnd complex, frustrating at times! The perfectionist in me has been challenged with the imperfections that can occur in the screen printing process - the end results are unique in every way, perfectly imperfect.

I've since grown the collection from linen tea towels to also include lovely linen napkins and cushion covers.

 The Screenery, 'Simply the zest' lemon print linen napkin
'Simply the zest' lemon print napkin on oatmeal linen.

I pretty much just LOVE linen and everything about it - it's durability, natural colour and texture, how highly absorbent the material is, how it wears over time and the element of luxury it brings to the table, kitchen or couch!

Commission projects welcome - 'Wicket' custom cushion cover
Wicket sitting next to his custom cushion cover.

Commission projects are welcomed by The Screenery, and if you have something specific in mind, please email info@thescreeneryau.com to start the creative process for your custom designs.

Add a pop of colour to your home!